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Payment Update!

Hello, Dear Uploaders!

We are notifying those users who come under the reward system policy criteria!�

due to mass spam/violations,�
Unfortunately, we have to decide that�
"All the users who come under the reward system policy criteria will get 20-30% of their income of Month May 2023 & June 2023!"

Question 1 => Why is this happening?
Ans => due to mass spam advertiser's applied penalty on us, so no income generated for month May 2023 & June 2023!

Question 2 => It will happen always?
Ans => No, its first time that its happening! but are trying our best!

Question 3 => should we have to Notice on some points?
Ans => Yes, Please follow Reward System Policies & Rules!�

Thank you
UploadEver (Spam Protection Team)

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